Beginning the Chondrosarcoma Journey

Beginning the Chondrosarcoma Journey



Chondrosarcoma can be located in the body anywhere cartilage is found. The adult human skeleton has 202 to 206 bones, most of which have cartilage. Though some locations are more common than others. Most are commonly found in the pelvis, rib cage, arms, and legs.Although any bone can be affected, the long bones (legs, arms) pelvis and shoulder blades are the most common. While the face and skull are generally unaffected, it is not unheard of. Occasionally chondrosarcoma has been found in the spine, fingers or toes. It is extremely rare to find chondrosarcoma in any internal organs. If Chondrosarcoma metastasizes, it most frequently spreads to the lung.


If Chondrosarcoma is found in the skull it is usually found in the skull base, beneath the brain, or near the orbit of the eye, or behind the sinus cavity, occasionally in the jaw. 

See this list for doctors qualified to treat chondrosarcoma of the skull.

See this list of Otolaryngologist/Ent Surgeons who can treat chondrosarcoma of the sinus cavity or larynx


If Chondrosarcoma is found in the region of the neck, it can be located in the cartilage of the larynx, (hyoid or cricoid) or the cervical spine.


Chondrosarcoma is more frequently found in the upper arm, (the humerus). It is less frequently found in the forearm where two bones are located, 9the ulna and the radius). Very seldom is it found in the hand or fingers.


Chondrosarcoma can be found in the upper leg, (thigh bone) medically known as the femur. If the tumor is located high up on the femur near the joint of the pelvis, people often mistakenly say the tumor is in the hip. This area is called the proximal femur. The lower part of the thigh bone is called the distal femur.

The part of the leg that is below the knee has two bones in it, called the fibula and tibia. Chondrosarcoma is located here less often than the femur. Again, the upper parts of these bones are called the proximal and the lower part is called the distal. It is very seldom found in the foot.

Chondrosarcoma can be located in any of the vertebrae from the neck all the way down to the tail bone.

Trunk of body:

There are many bones that make up the trunk of the body. Chondrosarcoma can be found in almost any of them. Some locations are less affected than others.

Scapula (shoulder blade)
Clavicle (collarbone)
Sternum (holds the rib cage together)
Pelvis (made up of ilium, ischium, pubis and acetabulum) 

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