Beginning the Chondrosarcoma Journey

Beginning the Chondrosarcoma Journey


What alternative methods of treatment are known to be successful in curing chondrosarcoma?

There are no known alternative treatments to cure chondrosarcoma. None. If the reader should happen to have substantiated proof of an alternative cure for this rare cancer, please inform the web author.

The most effective method of treating chondrosarcoma to prevent recurrence or possibly create a cure is ablative surgery with clear margins.

However, if you are considering any alternative or complementary treatments, discuss this openly with your cancer care team. Oftentimes they are openminded to the fact that a patient may want to include a complementary method to help recovery. However, just because a friend tells a fantastic story of cure, doesn't mean that it is fact. Arm yourself with knowledge and sort out the facts from the fiction. Request information from the American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute. Do as much research through where you can to document the usefulness of whatever alternative treatments you may be considering. There is scientific research on complementary treatments. Just because someone writes up a webpage touting a cure with some claims that patients have supposedly made of success, does not give you true medical evidence of the facts. 

Ask yourself if you are desperate, or hopeful in regards to attempting such methods. If you are desperate, then please be careful. Don't be gullible. Don't allow your judgement to be swayed by the idea of avoiding surgery, or whatever treatment your physician is suggesting. 

Some alternative treatments can be a useful adjunct to a patient receiving traditional treatment. Yet, some alternative treatments can interfere with standard medical treatments or may cause serious side effects. Be well informed about your choices.

These are some of the available complementary choices that some may find useful in enhancing one's general well being.





Dietary Changes


Hands on Healers

Herbal Medicine





Mind/Body Medicine


Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy



Relaxation Techniques


Tai Chi

Therapeutic Touch

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Keep in mind that while some treatments which enhance the immune system also feed tumor. Get educated. If you are getting help by seeing a surgeon and believing that this is what you need for treatment, you are trusting science. 

Please also trust science to find out the facts about alternative or complementary treatments. Go to to look up any herbal, nutritional or other type of treatment before accepting the idea that an alternative could cure chondrosarcoma. 

Keep in mind that when one has Chondrosarcoma, one can feel in good health compared to people with other kinds of cancer. Don't think that because you feel well, that it is your alternative treatment that it causing it.